Our Mission Statement:

          St. Matthew inspires all students to grow in their Catholic faith through a challenging curriculum while nurturing their talents as children of God.

          As a Catholic school community of believers who know, love, and serve Jesus Christ, we celebrate the sacramental life of the Church, proclaim the 
          saving message of Christ, and share the love of the Lord through academic rigor, self-discipline, and service to others.

 Our Beliefs:

          1. Our Catholic identity is realized through a Christ-centered environment where the growth and knowledge of our entire school community 
               is built on the Gospel message and the traditions of the Catholic Church.

2. A Christ-centered education is committed to academic excellence and challenges all students to reach their full potential – spiritually, 
    intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and morally.  Every student in our school is a child of God whose unique abilities and 
    needs are appreciated and respected.
3. Our community nurtures and sustains the God-given gifts of every person, and helps them grow into faithful and faith-filled disciples who
     joyfully practice the charity of the Lord in all circumstances of life, especially with their classmates, teachers, family, as well as the least,
     the poor and the suffering.
4. Within the parish community, students, staff and parents participate fully in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church.

5. As primary educators, parents are expected to take an active role in the educational and sacramental formation of their child.
6. St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic School strives for effective communication to ensure a safe environment, positive relationships, and 
    mutual respect among parents, students, teachers, staff, and pastor.