The SPIRIT at St. Matthew

It was a PERFECT weekend!

St. Matthew's Main Event was a wonderful evening with so many fantastic, fun friends, raising so much money for our kids!

On Sunday, it was the last regular season football game for the 6th grade boys....they have had a tough year (0 - 5) with so many injuries and challenges (last year they went to the championship game). But, on the last play of the game, our coach set it up for Chris Fuchs, our team manager who has Down's Syndrome, to suit up and run an 80-yard touchdown (with the other team in on it as well, of course).

Not a dry eye in the house as the whole team followed him down the field, celebrated with him and lifted him on their shoulders. St. Paul's team joined our team in the was a sight to see. A tough season with the most FANTASTIC ending! We are grateful for our wonderful coaches and what they do for our boys and the rest of us...this is something our boys will never forget!

Please enjoy the video below (sorry about the shakiness):