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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SPICE going to make St. Matthew's a special needs school?

No. SPICE was established to help St. Matthew meet the needs of 
all our parish children, whether it be students ranging from the 
gifted to students with organizational deficits or students who 
have other, more severe roadblocks to successful learning. It is 
our hope that SPICE will bring awareness and acceptance of all 
children in our parish, as well as serve as a model for other 
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Can St. Matthew meet all students' special needs?

St. Matthew is committed to try to meet the needs of all its 
parishioners. Everyone has different learning styles and needs. 
Sometimes the parochial school environment supersedes the 
benefits a publicly funded school system can provide for a 
student. The bottom line is what is best for the individual 

Why does St. Matthew bother trying to meet everyone's needs?

This question is best answered by another question. Why didn't 
God make us all the same? Does everyone have the same needs and 
learning styles, and should we ignore those with special needs? 
Our parish is an extension of the family, the basic unit of the 
Catholic Church. Just as parents try to do all they can for all 
of their children, so does St. Matthew for all its members.

Is St. Matthew's the only parish with this program?

St. Catharine and St. Cecilia have had this program in place for 
a number of years. St. Brigid has just begun their program. A 
few years ago, Bishop Griffin challenged the parishes to open 
their hearts to include all children in all aspects of parish 
life. In addition, the Diocesan office has an Inclusion 
Committee that meets on a regular basis to review ways to adapt 
our grade schools and high schools to accept special students and 
provide guidance to the parishes.

What is the future of SPICE?

SPICE has the complete support of the Diocesan Vicar of 
Education, our Pastor, School Principal and Director of Religious 
Education. Our committee meets regularly. SPICE will be an 
ongoing effort in our parish, both in its fund raising and 
awareness efforts. We meet periodically with Fr. Noble, 
St. Matthew School, and the Parish School of Religion to discuss 
their needs and assist in fulfilling them.

How can I help?

Your prayers, your time as a volunteer, your financial support 
are all equally needed for the success of the SPICE program. If 
you would like to volunteer, please feel free to come to our 
monthly meetings or please 
contact Tom or Fati Fuchs (471-4331). If you'd like to donate, 
please make your tax-deductible check out to St. Matthew SPICE 
and mail to:

St. Matthew Parish - SPICE
795 Havens Corners Road
Gahanna, Ohio 43230

Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of providing a 
Catholic education for all children.