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What is SPICE?

 stands for Special People In Catholic Education.

Our Mission:

SPICE is a nonprofit organization that recognizes the unique learning styles of our children while 
providing financial support to the school and parish school of religion. The teachers and students 
benefit from additional opportunities for equipment and programs that help all students become
successful learners.

SPICE lays the foundation to help teachers, tutors and classroom aides continually develop more 
effective strategies to work with the different learning styles of our students. The proceeds from our 
fundraisers benefit our students and teachers through early observations, proactive involvement and 
exposure to stimulating activities, materials and electronic media. The results show a remarkably 
positive, supportive and motivational environment where our children can grow and change.

Working together with the support of the SPICE program, the parish, community, pastor, administration, 
teachers, and parents help to provide understanding, information, creativity and willingness to address
 the unique needs of each child in our parish. It assists teachers and staff in their commitment to deliver
 the highest quality of education to their students.

Your prayers, your time as a volunteer, your financial support are all equally needed for the success of the SPICEprogram. If you would like to volunteer, please feel free to come to our monthly meetings or 
please contact Tom or Fati Fuchs (614-471-4331). If you'd like to donate, please make your 
tax-deductible check out to St. MatthewSPICE and mail to:

St. Matthew Parish SPICE
795 Havens Corners Road
Gahanna, Ohio 43230

Thank you for helping us to fulfill our mission of providing a Catholic education for all children.

Father, you have made these children as varied as the flowers of a garden. You have blessed 
each one uniquely. Each growing child is infinitely precious in your sight. You have trusted us to 
nuture them. Help us to remember that each child is filled with curiosity, an open heart, and a 
zest for life.

Dear God, your love and care strengthen us always. Help us to seek you with childlike faith and 
respond to your call by seeing your face in everyone we meet. May this year be wholesome and 
productive, where questions are raised and answered, knowledge grows, and prayers are heartfelt 
and free. We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, whose example is our model for life.