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Home and School Special Events and Projects

Adoration (Ongoing)
Volunteers are needed to escort your child’s class on their monthly visit to the Adoration Chapel.  You can volunteer and spend some time with the Lord!
Contact Michelle Lantz at

Mentor Families (August and ongoing):
Experienced families are invited to serve as mentors for families new to the school.  Requires a few phone calls and attendance at a new family reception usually held just before Open House day in August.  Ongoing support involves providing information to new families as needed.  
Contact Nicole Fackler at

Mother-Son Dance (November):
This is a fun evening for boys in K-8 and the special woman in their lives.  Volunteers are needed to decorate, set-up, prepare/serve refreshments, staff the event, and clean up.  
Contact Ali Luffler at

Christmas Caroling (December):
This is an evening event of caroling to area senior centers and retirement facilities.  Volunteers are needed to drive, lead caroling, and serve snacks after the event.
Contact Kristen McSweeny at

Father-Daughter Dance (February):
This winter-themed dance is for girls in K-8 and their Dads or special grown-ups.  Volunteers are needed to decorate, set-up, prepare/serve refreshments, staff the event, and clean up.  
Contact Kristina Caswell at

Right to Read Week (February/March):
This is a week-long event dedicated to reading.  Fun events such as t-shirt contests, book mark contests and guest reader day help make this a fun filled event!  Volunteers are needed to help with planning, decorating and coordinating games/contests.  
Contact Debbi Epler at

Spring Fling Night (May):
An event for the whole family that promises an evening of fun games that promote physical activity and spirited play for adults and kids.  The evening usually starts with a pizza party followed by games.  Volunteers are needed for planning, set-up, food, games, and clean-up.  
Contact Alisa Stets at

Last Day of School Activities (May/June):
Home & School treats grades 5-7 to an afternoon at the Chiller @ Easton while grades K-4 are entertained with a variety of activities at the school.  Volunteers are needed to chaperone at the Chiller and to help plan and supervise activities at the school.  
Contact Linda Strapp at

Summer Solutions (April/May):
The publishers of the Simple Solutions workbooks the students use during the school year offer “Summer Solutions” to help maintain math and language arts skills during the summer months.  You will receive an email about ordering yours toward the end of the school year.  Contact Regann Nowalk