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Resources for Parents and Students

Super tools to use!

I've listed MANY websites for you to peruse. There are just too many to list
them all, so I will try to keep updating them during the year. I'll have a
printed copy of them all in The Beaver Lodge if you are interested. Happy

What the law says, FYI.
No Child Left Behind

Various book lists for all ages.
International Reading Association

Click on "Dolch Word" box at the very top, under the heading. 
Click on "Free Flash Cards of Dolch Sight Words" on the left. Click on  the
right side for each list - PrePrimer, Primer, First Grade, Second Grade, and
Third Grade. Please note, that all 220 Dolch Words (Lists PreP through 3rd
grade) must be mastered by the end of Second Grade at St. Matthew. 
Printable Dolch (Sight) Word Cards

You can choose to make "math" or "words" by clicking your 
selection. Type in the vocabulary word on the "front" column and the
definition in the "back" column. Twelve cards can be printed at one time.
Flash Card Maker - Super for learning those vocabulary words!

You can periodically do a reading fluency check by 1) entering 
the number of words read correctly per minute, and 2) the grade level. The
calculator will indicate if the student is reading above, at, or below grade
Oral Reading Fluency Calculator for Grades 3 - 5

Have fun exploring reading and developing skills.
Reading Games/Activities

Have fun playing games.
Reading Activities

Games and reading fun
Games and Sight Word Activities

Go to "students" tab to play games.
Ganes and reading fun

Click on "reading tab."
Reading games

More reading games 

Many reading activities here
Super reading site

Spelling Help

Click "interactive games."
Fun Interactive Games

Fun reading activities
Reading Activities