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About the Teacher

NAME: Donna Smith

SCHOOL: St. Matthew Catholic School

CLASS: Reading Specialist

SCHOOL PHONE: 471-4930 and ask for The Beaver Lodge

All About Me!

I grew up in North Carolina . . . and still have my southern accent! I always
wanted to be a teacher. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at
Greensboro in Elementary Education. I began my teaching career teaching 4th,
5th, and 6th grades in the Guilford County School System very near Greensboro,
NC. After about nine years of teaching, I got married and moved to Columbus,
OH. I began teaching in Whitehall and taught 6th grade there. I became a
stay-at-home mom while my two children were growing and learning, but I took
classes becoming certified in Pre-K. I also received my Master of Science in
Education at The University of Dayton with a Reading Endorsement. I came to
St. Matthew and began teaching reading. I have completed more Master's Level
course work while at St. Matthew and now am a qualified Literacy Specialist.

I have two fabulous children - my daughter is 27 and graduated from Otterbien
University as a Art Major(ceramics.) My son is 26 and graduated from Elon
University in Psychology. Both are headed to their Masters programs soon, 

I have one dog, named Abbey. (She was named after The Beatles album, Abbey
Road.) She came from the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

I love, love, love to cook. I can read a cookbook like most people read real
books! I also love to work in the flower gardens. I enjoy all kinds of
wildlife. In fact, I feed the deer. I have several families that come to my
feeder to eat corn, lick the salt-lick, and drink water at the feeding
station. Because I live in a rural neighborhood, I decided to feed them corn
rather that eat all my beautiful flowers. In the winter, it is fun to see the
big antlers on the bucks. You will have to keep looking for photos I post to
see these deer.

My Goal as a Teacher

I want every student to LOVE READING! Not only will you get smarter (just
think about Abe Lincoln,) you will find a lifelong hobby. Reading should be
fun! If you don't like reading, it's because you haven't found the perfect
book yet. That perfect book is out there, just waiting for you to pick it up!

Reading should be part of your daily life. So, if you don't like reading yet,
start small and make it fun. You can read cereal boxes - yes, that's reading!
You can read road signs, restaurant menus, and box scores in the sports
section of the newspaper. Graphic novels and comics books/strips are super
fun, too. Find what you think is enjoyable, and spend time reading daily. 

Listen to people read, too. Start a family book for everyone to listen to.
Mom, Dad, or grandparents can take turns reading aloud. You'd be surprised how
pleasurable that can be for all. Maybe you can take a turn reading aloud to
the big folks! You'll get smarter, too! And please, let me hear all about it!