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About The Beaver Lodge

Frequent questions . . .

Why is the name, The Beaver Lodge, used?

When I first started teaching at St. Matthew about 15 years ago, 
the reading resource room was simply called, "The Reading Van." I 
did not like that name. Besides sounding negative, it certainly 
didn't sound like a fun place to go! So, my very first students 
had the assignment to come up with an animal group
and the name of their home. I likened the idea that our little 
resource room would be like a home where it was a safe and 
supportive environment where we could show what we knew and also 
show what we didn't know - all without embarrassment or feeling 
bad about it! The 1st through 4th graders, that very first year, 
came up with some super animal groups and their prospective homes.
But when put to a vote, "The Beaver Lodge" won. And so, now you 

How was my child chosen for The Beaver Lodge, and how long will he or she attend?

So, this is really two questions!

#1. Your child was selected based on the beginning of the year 
assessments. K-2 students are given the DIBELS assessment 
(Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills.) Grades 2 and 
higher are given STAR Comprehension assessments completed in the 
computer lab. These older students are also given a Maze 
Comprehension test. For students I had in the previous year, I 
also screen using an Informal Reading Inventory, (for the older 
readers,) and a Phonemic Awareness assessment for the younger 
ones. All in all, we have started collecting data on each 
student's strengths and weaknesses. Those who may benefit in 
particular areas are assigned to me. We will work on the areas of 
weakness and see if "reading gaps" can be filled in. I am always 
available to discuss your child's progress and show you my data - 
just call. I also have 30 minute conferences during our scheduled 
conference days or am willing to meet whenever you would like.

#2 As I said above, my goal is to fill in any "reading gaps" and 
return your child back into the regular classroom. In The Beaver 
Lodge, we call this "getting kicked out!" It's a good thing, too!
We have a wonderful celebration on a student's "kick-out" day and 
send him or her on their way to world of reading! Your child does 
not have a permanent seat in The Beaver Lodge. I will try my 
hardest to "kick your child out," and your child will work 
hard "getting kicked out." And, I might add, that the children 
think this is a most exciting event in The Beaver Lodge and 
really set this as their goal.