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1st Grade Homework

First Graders' Homework in The Beaver Lodge 
The First Graders will have a "homework" book which goes home every Tuesday night. They are to read it with a parent or other reader (third grade or older, please.) The parent reads the text from one page, using his or her finger under each word. The child immediately repeats the same text on that page using his or her finger. Go on to the next page, and do the same process until the book is finished. Correct errors as you go along. THEN, have your child read the entire book with you watching for errors. Correct any that the reader makes. NEXT, have your child to read the entire book to someone else. Have your child read the book to, yet, another person! I've told the students to read to their dog, their doll, their mirror, and even their doorknob! They think that is funny! The object is to have your child reread until their reading in without errors. One reading will not be enough!

Your child will return their book to school on Wednesday. The students will read their books to me individually and receive a grade on it. If the reading is absolutely perfect, he or she will receive a "check +" (and a pat on the back for a job well done!) If the reading in just okay - not bad, only a few minor errors - he or she will receive a "check." If the reading is not sufficient enough, your child will receive a "check -" and will have to repeat that level book again next week.

The children are trying to get to level 12 or  13 and also get through all the short vowel and long vowel books. The children know this is the goal, and they are aiming for it! I will keep you updated on your child's progress by report card or conferences.

Enjoy your reading!