Helpful Links

Khan Academy is free to join and gives lessons and opportunities 
to practice various skills at many different levels.     
Math Help and Enrichment

Use this link to create sets of flashcards for any subject.  You 
can study the words and print sets of flashcards on this site. 
Vocabulary Flashcard Help

Play this game to practice making inferences while reading and to 
define words using context clues.     
Reading Ring

There are several free animations and games for students to 
stretch their Science knowledge at this site.  It is targeted at 
slightly older students (11-16), but has relevance for students 
looking for a challenge.         
Science Animations and Games

Chinese puzzles you can solve using tangrams.     

Access the spelling lists from home, even before you get the list 
at school!  Use this site to help you study all week.
Spelling City

This website is made by the publisher of our Religion book, and 
includes activities and study guides to help review each chapter.
Religion Activities and Study Guides

Mrs. Klein has provided this website for extra practice and activities 
with Spanish.
Spanish Activities