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Learning Links

Study, Explore and Learn

Use this link to study your spelling words each week and to play 
Spelling and Vocabulary Help

Storia Reading Program

Use this link to create sets of flashcards for any subject.  You 
can study the words and print sets of flashcards on this site.
Flashcard maker

This website was made by Sadlier, the publisher of our Religion 
series. It contains activities, puzzles and study guides for each 
chapter of our Religion book.
Religion Practice & Study Guides

My Plate Nutrition information for Kids

Science Review Games and Quizzes

If you are planning a birthday treat, this website gives some good 
ideas for treats that will be suitable for students with different 
Classroom snacks

Khan Academy is free to join and gives lessons as well as 
opportunities for practice at all different levels. 
Math Help & Enrichment

A great video from Khan Academy that goes through the steps of 
writing a number in expanded form
Place Value Video

At this site, there are several free animations and games for 
students to stretch their Science knowledge. It is targeted at 
slightly older students (11-16) but still has relevance for
students who like a challenge.
Science Animations and Games

Play this game to practice making inferences while reading and to 
define words using context clues. If you like comics, Garfield or 
wrestling, you will love this game!
Reading Ring

Chinese puzzles to solve using tangrams

Interesting information about the three branches of government can 
be found here!
The United States House of Representatives

A link to information about famous Ohioans
Research project information

Scholastic book lists for students aged 8-10
Some great books for fourth graders to read

Mission For The Class

If you are enjoying what we are learning in class, you might like to find 
out even more using these links at home!