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About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Ward 


SCHOOL: St. Matthew

CLASS: 4th Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: 614-471-4930

About The Teacher

  This is my third year teaching at St.Matthew's School. I have been 
teaching for 13 years and began my career at a Catholic school in the Diocese of 
Youngstown. After getting married in 2004, I moved to Birmingham, England with 
my husband and taught Science in a public secondary school. I also studied at 
the University of Birmingham to earn a Masters Degree in Exceptional Education. 
My husband, Graham, and I had two children while living in the UK, Logan and 
Faith. We returned to Ohio in 2011. This year, I have started work on a second 
Master's Degree, this one in Educational Leadership.I am passionate about 
education and feel so blessed that I have the privilege to be a part of the 
community at St. Matthew's. 

Mission For The Class

We are a community of learners who will work, play and grow together. We will 
learn from one another and encourage each other to reach our goals. We will keep Christ at 
the heart of all that we do.