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Classroom Wishlist for 3-S

Light weight pieces of cardboard
cut to be used to make books   
3” X 5”, 5” X 7”, or  8 ½” X 11”

Fabric glue 1 or 2 bottles filled - thank you

1 ½ or 2 gallon size zip lock  
bags – 1 box 

Ink Pads any color

Larger sandwich size zip lock
bags – 1 box  

 Old calendars (we use the

AA batteries (listening center)  filled - thank you

 Wooden Clipboards – 5 needed  

Low Odor Dry Erase Markers   
thick line (green works best)

Chalkboard Eraser Rags - 2 needed
Vanilla or Coconut (or other
light smelling) hand sanitizer (this is a treat from the industrial size and
smell we get from the office  
Scrap paper for art work (even    filled - thank you
if one side is used, we will take it)

Individual Portable CD Players with