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LINKS to websites

Click on a Link to find some help

Practice common core math and L. Arts
Best site for common  core practice  BUT  THERE is a FEE

Vocabulary terms and concepts
Math - Common Core Help pages

multiplication and division games --  interactive
NEW  --  multi/div facts practice

Great way to pracitce against the clock!!!
math facts timed

A variety of Language Arts worksheets
Printable Language Arts Worksheets

Interactive and Fun Website to fill you with information about 
energy and scientgists who used energy sources in their career.
Energy Sources (Scientists)

Minerals and Crystals

Some guys don't really like to read.  This site was designed with 
them in mind.
Getting Guys to Read

National Geographic For Kids

Please help your child take this test...then print the results 
and bring them to school.....
Multiple Intelligence Test

Great fun with Math
Cool Math Games