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Homework will be listed per week rather than nightly.  This is intended to
give an overview of what we will be covering each week. 

After a lesson, an assignment is given, then it is listed on both assignments boards positioned
at the front of the classroom.  Students are asked to write the lesson in their assignment journal at that time. (They are NOT to wait until the end of the day to write assignments). Then, students are given approximately 10 minutes to work on the assignment.  This affords me the opportunity to watch students work and clear up any misunderstandings.   As assignments are completed,  students may put a check beside the listed work in their assignment journal.  Any unfinished work from the day would be considered homework.   Most days, students will be given work time after each lesson,  and a 15 minute study hall period at the end of the day.

Frequently used symbols:

S&R - Sign and Return (parent signature needed and return to school)
SS  - Simple Solutions (Math)
WK BK - Workbook
P. or PG.  - Page
Ph - Phonics  (category added by student)
HW - Handwriting Book Assignment (category added  by student)
Star - Graded Assignment