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Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions 
of students and parents.

Is my child supposed to be filling out his assignment notebook daily?

Yes, every section should have something written in it. Even if they write 
none! I write each assignment that we do in school on the assignment board 
AS AN ASSIGNMENT IS GIVEN. Students MUST copy the same information into 
their assignment book.

Are some assignments done only at school?

Yes. Writing Assignments are usually done at school. I ask students to 
keep this work at school so that I can monitor their success in mastering 
the writing process. You are welcome to look at their reading/writing 
journals whenever you like.

Are spelling words to come home every week?

Yes and No, Students will receive their spelling words the first day of each week. They are responsible for all the work associated with preparing to be tested on the words given. Parents are asked to use the teacher website to look at and print the spelling words for each week.

Do you announce the date of important tests?

Yes Students are told when tests are going to be given. They are also asked 
to write the date in their assignment notebook, and are encouraged to carry 
the date from one day to the next. There are rare instances when a test 
date is not announced.

Should my child be filling out their own assignment notebook?

Yes, This skill is very important for your child. It builds responsibility 
and organization.

What is the Reading Log?

Students have been given a form on which they write down each book that they 
have read (home, car, or at school). After students read 5 books (or 
chapters) they are awarded a sticker. The goal is to have each student fill 
their section of the reading log POSTER with stickers they have earned.

Are the parents required to sign the assignment journal every night?

No. I ask that parents sign the assignment book so that they touch base 
with their child everyday. This works to give worth to your child and to 
insure that the assigments are completed. However it is not a requirement 
in my room, unless there are issues that need daily checking.

Does my child have to bring home work that they already finished in school?

No...Unless the parent request this from their own child... I monitor 
students as they work on an assigment, but am not able to check everyone 
each day. I suggest to the students that they take home completed work so 
that their parents might check over it for careless mistakes, but I do not 
require it.

Will my child lose recess due to missing or late assignments?

No, I do not keep students from recess unless they habitually turn in assignments late.

Will my child lose recess due to behavior?

Yes, it is possible that your child could lose recess time due to poor choices. However, I spend a great deal of time helping students work though behavior that does not follow classroom or school rules. Studnets who persist in making poor choices or student whose behavior is of a more serious nature might miss recess without warning.