Welcome to Third Grade,

I can't wait to meet you and to learn about your summer vacation.  I bet there were so many fun things to do that you ran out of time, and now it's time for school!

If you have a large coffee can (we call this our art can) please feel free to decorate it before coming to open house.  Many students use colorful Duck Tape, or glue pictures to the sides of you family, pets, or favorite things to do.  You can even do both!

I have a few extra cans at school that I can give you, so do not worry about not having one.  As a matter of fact, do not worry about anything. Together we will figure out how things work in 3-S.  It might take a couple of weeks, so please do not panic.

God's Blessings,

Carol Spellacy

PS  We are getting a new system for Teacher Web Sites, and I do not know how long this one will be working.