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Another great website for practicing math facts.

A great website that lets you pick how many problems, what kind of 
problems, and how much time 
your child will get.

This is a fabulous site from practicing spelling words.

This site goes with our math series.  If you click on leveled 
practice, you can print additional materials that correspond with 
our class lessons.  There's a problem solving link.  It also has 
a kid's place page and a parent's place page.

Fun Educational Songs your child can listen to!  This is a fun reading website.  It has beginning 
reading stories under the Learn to Read section and more 
challenging stories in the I'm Reading section. There are also 
some educational games on this website.  This is a great on-line dictionary 
resource.  It also has some other neat things.

Education World Website.  This page of the website has a 
recommended second grade reading list.  Let me know if you read 
any of them!  We have some in our classroom library.

AWESOME SPELLING WEBSITE!  Students can change the list to our 
words.  They then look at the word, the automated hand covers it, 
the student types it, and the computer tells them if they got it 
right or not!  This site has many learning games.

A Plus Math
This site has 3 major components: Flashcards, Games, and 
Worksheets.If you go to the Flashcards section, you can practice 
using an analog clock, money, rounding, making your own addition 
and subtraction flashcards...
The games section includes: Hidden Pictures, Concentration and a 
game called MATHO.  I think the kids will really enjoy this site!

This is a GREAT way to practice math facts online!  You can 
choose addition, subtraction, or mixed.  If you choose addition 
or subtraction, you can try to beat the clock and do 20 problems 
in 60 seconds.  If you choose mixed, you try to beat the clock 
and do 100 problems in 5 minutes!

On this website, you can print out customized fact worksheets.  
You can also answer fact problems online, and the computer will 
tell you if you got the answer correct.  This is a good way to 
practice your math facts online.

Math Baseball!  You can play with addition or subtraction.  You 
can also choose your level of difficulty.  If you answer a 
problem correctly, you get to swing.  The computer decides if you 
get a single, double, triple, or homerun, based on the difficulty 
of the problem.  The game is over after three outs.  The website below will take you right 
to Worm World.  If you want to learn more about earthworms, click 
on All About Earthworms.  You can see a worm being born, and a 
worms heartbeat!

Earth Viewer.  This site lets you view the Earth's daily or 
seasonal rotation.

Solar System Trading Cards.  This is a game, where students 
answer question about the solar system, and "earn" trading cards 
as they go.  I think it's a fun site!

Amazing Space!  This website has a fantastic video of the night 
sky.  It is now playing the November video.  It has words on the 
screen andsound.  It shows the constellations Cassiopeia and 
Andromeda, the Leonid Meteor Shower, and what planets can be seen 
in November.  It's really neat!

NASA Planets

Check out the moon on your birthday!

Moon Calendar.  You can choose any month of any year, and look at 
the phases of the moon!

Star Child A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

Illustrated and Animated Water Cycle

Science Activities that correspond with our book.

My Food Guide Pyramid Blast Off Game.  You plan a healthy menu 
for your age.

Here are some ideas for healthy birthday snacks!

This is a website by kids for kids.  It features fun recipes.

From Mrs. Macioce: ATTENTION 2ND GRADE -- This is a link through 
the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Second grade used 
it in class to Watch/Find/Create using line, shape, and color.  
Check it out --its great fun!

  White House for Kids

  National Geographic for Kids

  Fun activities - by girls....for girls.

   Enchanted Learning

ABC Teach

ED Helper

Math Facts
This is a wonderful website for practicing math facts. Explore and have fun!

Take me out to the ball game... This is a wonderful way for baseball 
fans to practice math facts. You 

earn a hit if you get the problem right and are assigned a base based 
on the difficulty of the