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Supply List

School Supplies:  
   Book Bag  
   Coloring Book/Activity Book (any kind)  
   Twistable Crayons (24 count)  
   Regular Crayons (24 count)  
   Flash Cards (0-12) - Addition & Subtraction - for home use  
   Folders (4) - bottom pocket, plastic  
   Glue Sticks (8) - Elmers or Target Brand  
   Pencils - no mechanical pencils please  
   1 pack of Papermate brand pencils to share with class  
   pencils for individual use  
   1 Eraser - Pink brand  
   Scissors- blunt tip  
   Supply box or bag  
   Additional Items:  
   Large T-Shirt for Art in a large Ziploc bag – name on both  
   Paper Towels – 1 roll  
   Lysol wipes – 1 large container  
   Boys - Ziploc bags- 1 box– quart size, 2 boxes of tissues  
   Girls- Ziploc bags-1 box- gallon size, baby wipes, 1 box of tissues