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For Parents

I am a big advocate of using public libraries and electronic databases and 
encourage the students to use them.  Columbus Metropolitan Libraries have an 
excellent group of databases that you can access through their web page, and 
make research faster and more effective than going through Internet search 
engines. They often have current magazine and newspaper articles as well as 
links to excellent, pre-selected websites. Some of the databases offer 
citation information in various formats, including MLA and APA. 

InfOhio is a website that offers another set of excellent databases. It is 
free to all Ohians and I urge you to take a look at what it has to offer. 
Your tax dollars pay for it and your children will benefit. 

Please check out the reference links I have included on this website. I am 
very selective about links because I believe that we can become inudated 
with information, but I think we are blessed to have these at our disposal.

Mrs. Pollock