Hi Everybody,
I am endeavoring to post my homework on google for a better format. Please go to this link until I can figure out how to change it from this one:

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Headphones are needed for research etc. Please keep some in your backpack for use in tech. 
Audio Link for The Pearl:  http://edmonkey.com/audiobooks/the-pearl-audio-book/
Bring your dress uniform for our Advent service tomorrow afternoon. You may wear your tennis shoes instead of your dress shoes because of PE., but are expected to have your dress uniform here at school to change into. 

Religion:  In class tomorrow we will work on an Advent lesson in class. 
If you were absent today or absent on Friday, please make up your test before the break.
Literature: See Audio Link above for The Pearl. 
Lit.: You should be finished with your book by now. 
Both classes have been assigned a book trailer project. They all have google docs accounts and can work at home on this important project. 
SS: Students who have missed the Chapter 4 test need to be ready tomorrow. 
Make sure your Almanac handout has been assessed. 

Announcement for Mrs. Klein regarding Spanish (12/16) 
All students in 7P were given this information for improving their grade in Spanish. 
Spanish: Review for Spanish 2:30 on January 6
                 Re-take on January 7 at 2:30 .
Make arrangements with your parents to stay after school. It is your responsibility!