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About The Teacher

NAME: Rebecca Petrokubi

SCHOOL: St. Matthew School

CLASS: Seventh Grade Communication Arts

SCHOOL PHONE: 614-471-4931

About The Teacher

     Mrs. Petrokubi is entering her 17th year at St. Matthew's 
school. Her focus of study is English grammar, Social Studies, Literature, 
and Religion.
     Married to Thomas, she has two daughters,Hilary and Anne. She also is 
proud owner of Ruca, an Italian Greyhound,Chico,Ticky, and Dicky (all 
     An avid reader of all genres, Mrs. P. loves movies, theater, ballet, 
gardening, and writing.  She is a fellow of the National Writing Project and 
an ambassador of ORC is a website dedicated to delivering quality 
and peer-reviewed lessons that correspond to Ohio and Diocese of Columbus 
standards.Mrs. Petrokubi is also the proud recipient of the first Master Teachers 
designation for the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio, signifying excellence in all academic, 
service, and Catholic identity categories.