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Helpful Resources

This is a great website for teachers, parents, and even students 
to use. There are academic activities and worksheets as well as 
emotional and developmental resources available. Several major 
issues pertaining to middle school students today are discussed 
in great detail such as bullying, digital citizenship, and 
obesity prevention. 
The Parent's Guide to Middle School

This is really great math website that has multiple games and 
various skill
levels. Fun for all ages!
Sum Dog

This website was recommended by Mrs. Kirkland. There are videos 
of math skills
being performed, and students have the ability to practice and 
receive feedback.
Khan Academy

Great site where you can enter your spelling words and practice. 
There are
also tons of math skills to practice.
Spelling, Vocab, and Math Support

Math Games

Great fraction worksheets with answers
Fractions practice

Lots of fraction practice!
"Dad's" Math Worksheets 

More math practice pages :)
Home School 6th Grade Math Worksheets

Practice computing perimeter and area of simple and complex shapes
Perimeter and Area practice

Xtra Math is a free online program for mastering math facts
Math Fact Practice

More math fact practice is available using Math Magician.
Math Fact Practice

This website explains a strategy for calculating Greatest Common Factor 
(GCF) and Least Common Multiple (LCM) using prime factorization. In class, 
we call this strategy jelly beans and chocolate bars :)