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Week of 5/11 - 5/15:

Good afternoon!
I cannot believe that there are only 9 days left! There is still so much to do!! Luckily we had a very productive week despite some scheduling changes J On Monday we attended a beautiful May Crowning service.   The 2nd and 8th grader students were amazing!  Afterwards, the whole school enjoyed a grandparent/special friend luncheon.  I had the privilege of meeting several very special people that day!  Thanks for sharing your time with us!  On Wednesday the 6th and some 8th grade students shared their talents during the 6th Grade Talent Show.  I was so impressed by all their entertainment skills!  I can’t wait to see who will be chosen for the All School Talent Show on May 28th.  Our last very special and unique event occurred on Thursday this week.  The students attended Mass in honor of St. Matthias.  Fr. O reminded them to be God’s arms every day.  What an inspiring challenge!  Afterwards, the whole school attended an amazing honor talk where the retirees were recognized.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the PAC!  We are losing some very special people.  They will all be missed dearly!

In Math this week we learned about area formulas. The students calculated area of parallelograms, triangles, and circles. They also learned about surface area of rectangular prisms. It is imperative that students show their work in this chapter! They are allowed to use calculators, but I need to see the formulas as well as the numbers they are calculating for every problem. Next week we will learn about volume of rectangular prisms and surface area and volume of cylinders. There will be one last test over all this material on Thursday next week.

In Health, we concluded our study of drugs. The students will be learning about communicable and non-communicable diseases next week.

In Social Studies, we learned about why Catholics study other world religions and who started this practice. We also studied Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. There will be a brief test over Chapter 1 in Exploring the Religions of Our World and Chapter 25 Lesson 2 on Tuesday.

In Religion, we finished Chapter 11 by studying about Israel’s first king, Saul. We also learned about David and his accomplishments in Israel. There will be a quiz over Chapter 11 on Monday. Next week we will learn about David’s successor, Solomon.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Good luck to all the sports teams.


Star of the Week 5/18 - 5/22: Riley S.