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Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions 
of students and parents.

What is the activation code for ordering books online?


Can tests be corrected?

It is not usual policy to correct tests.

What can my child do for extra credit?

It is not my usual policy to issue extra credit. Usually if a 
student takes care in daily work and studies for tests, that will 
help improve grades. Past experience has shown that time spent on 
the extra credit detracts from time spent on current assignments.

What goes in the social studies notebook?

Students are required to do vocabulary and questions from each 
section of the chapter in their social studies notebook. These 
are required to be finished by the the day of the test, and may 
be collected for a grade. This is not listed as a homework 
assignment, as class time is usually given to complete the work. 
This is a requirement for each chapter.

How does a student achieve Honor Roll/Effort Roll?

Honor Roll is achieved with a 3.5 grade point average for the 
quarter. The grades that are averaged are: Religion, Language 
Arts, Math, Science (or Health), and Social Studies. Effort Roll 
is achieved if a student has not made Honor Roll, but has no 
"Ns" listed in the standards.

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