We will have homework Monday through Thursday.  It will usually be a math 
and/or reading assignment.  Please help your child to find a spot to work 
that helps set up good homework habits.  All homework papers will be marked 
with an HW at the top of the paper.  If there is no HW on the paper, it is 
not homework.

   All homework is due the next day.  If it is not possible for your child to 
do the homework, a note from you would be appreciated.  When your child 
brings his/her reader home to complete a homework assignment, a homework 
slip and the reader must be back in class the next morning.  Please sign the 
homework slip each time there is a reading assignment.

  The math flash cards that you were asked to purchase from the supply list are 
to be kept at home.  You may use these flash cards for home practice.

Thank you for your support in this area.