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Art Links

These are some links that we have looked at in class or that can be fun and 
educational to do at home.

Explore "The Block" by taking a guided tour, but then 

click the 

other links at the top to find out more about Romare Bearden and 

his art.

Play detective while trying to find out who stole Grandpa's 


Experiment using one point perspective 


The artists toolkit.  Students can watch,find, and create.  

Explores the 

elements and principles of design.

Fun website with lots to read and do.  Ancient art and history 


Middle school students might enjoy finding out clues that tell 

more about 

works of art.

Fun site for learning about Andy Warhol

How to show distance in a 2d artwork

After getting to the site click play, primary, and Carmines 



5 point star

5th grade Colonial games and resources

Cartoon Creator

Have fun creating your own color artwork.  
 Color Website 

Subjects Artists Paint
Animoto Created by Mrs. Macioce 

Students in grades 5-8 can check out this webquest designed by me!

View some of the art from our September artist William H. Johnson.
William H. Johnson

for middle school students
Video about Edvard Munch's Painting "The Scream

7th grade Optical Illusions

Students are able to make a still life by manipulating the various 
1st & 3rd grade still life

8th grade patterns for clay sphere's