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Frequently Asked Questions. This page contains answers to common questions of
students and parents.

What is the best way to contact Mrs. Hartge?

My e-mail address is
Phone messages can be left at the school office (471-4930). 
I will return them as as soon as possible or after the end of the school day.

Is my child supposed to be filling out his assignment notebook daily?

Yes, I write each assignment that we do in school on the assignment
board as the assignment is given. Students must copy the same
information into their assignment book.

Are some assignments done only in school?

Yes, Writing Assignments are usually done at school. I ask students to 
keep this work at school so that I can monitor their success in mastering 
the writing process. You are welcome to look at their reading/writing 
journals whenever you like.

Are spelling words to come home every week?

Yes, Students will select words from the Language Art sheet to Study
for the week. I plan on having Friday spelling test but maybe not
every week.

Do you announce the date of important tests?

Yes, Students are told when tests are going to be given. They are also asked 
to write the date in their assignment notebook, and are encouraged to carry 
the date from one day to the next. There are rare instances when a test 
date is not announced.

Are the parents required to sign the assignment journal every night?

Yes, I ask that parents sign the assignment book so that they touch base 
with their child everyday. This helps your child take responsibility and to 
insure that the assignments are completed. 

Does my child have to bring home work that they already finished in school?

As the school year begins I think it is a good idea for parent to
see the work we are doing. In a few weeks you may feel 
comfortable to back off the requirement.