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Compare and Contrast presentaion due May 15
WOD/Diagram final Monday May 16
Capitalization and Punctuation quiz on Thursday May 19
May 26 Grammar and Writing Final Exam

Week of May 9
HW- wkbk pgs 153,155,157,159,161- odds  due Tuesday
Final Draft due Wednesday
WOD/Diagram exam May 16

Week of April 18/25
Online link for sourcing research
Quiz- Effective Sentences Wed.
Tests- WOD Friday
           Effective Sentences Monday April 25

Week of April 11
HW- Rough draft due Wednesday- signed Rubric, prewriting and rough draft in class
                                                   submit via google classroom by 8am. Wed.
wkbk pgs. 97,99,101,103- Tuesday
Tests- WOD friday

HW-ILA #3 due April 7
       Outline due April 8- to Mrs. Ference
       WOD test- Friday April 8

Week of March 14 and March 21
HW- wkbk pgs. 73,74- 3/14
       wkbk pgs. 79,75,77,81,83- 3/15
       wkbk pgs. 85,87,89,91- 3/17
Quiz- Phrase and Clause- Thursday 3/17
Tests- WOD- Friday 3/18
           Phrase and Clause- Thursday 3/24

Week of March 7
HW- Thesis statement due Monday
Test- WOD Friday

Week of Feb. 22
Tests- WOD- friday
** Research Report Due dates and rubric will be distributed on Wednesday 2/24

Week of Feb. 15
HW- Cause and Effect Final draft due Wednesday 
        ILA #2 due Thursday
Test- WOD- friday

Week of Feb. 8
HW- wkbk pgs. 43,44,45- Tuesday
Tests- Conjunction and Interjection test - Thursday
           WOD- Friday

Week of Feb. 1
HW- Compare and Contrast outline due Wednesday
Test- WOD friday

Week of Jan. 25
HW- wkbk pg. 35,37 due Tuesday
         Final Outline (template) due Monday
         Compare and Contrast Prewriting- Wednesday
TESTS- Adjective and Adverb test Thursday
            WOD- friday

Week of January 18
HW- wkbk pgs. 29,31 due Tuesday
No WOD test this week!

Week of January 11
HW- House Prewriting- due (presuasive prewriting)- Monday 1/11
        Persuasive Template (outline)- Wed. 1/13
       wkbk pgs. 23,25 due Tuesday
       ILA#1 due 1/14
Test- WOD friday 1/15

Week of January 4
Happy New Year!
HW- wkbk pgs. 23,25- Tuesday Jan. 12
        Persuasive Prewriting (House) due Monday Jan 11
        Persuasive Rough Draft template due Wed. Jan 13
        ILA #1- due 1/14
Tests- WOD Friday

Week of December 14

Midterm exam Monday December 14
Students must return any tests that they signed out before they can take the exam.

Week of December 7
HW- wkbk pgs. 39,41- due Tuesday
Desciptive Essay/Poem Rough draft due Monday
Descriptive Essay/Poem Final draft due Wednesday
Tests- Preposition Test Wednesday
           WOD - friday

Midterm Exam- Monday December 14

Week of November 30
HW- Descriptive essay or Poem due Monday 12/7
        wkbk pgs. 39,41 due Tuesday 12/8
Test- WOD friday

Week of November 23
Pronoun take home quiz for homework grade due on Monday
Pronoun Usage test on Tuesday November 24

Week of November 16
HW- wkbk pgs. 135,137,139, 141 due Thursday
Tests- Pronoun Usage quiz Thursday
           WOD test Friday

Week of November 9
Tall Tale Rough Drafts will be returned Wed. Nov. 11  Revisions and Final drafts due Wednesday November 18
TEST- Noun and Pronoun test Wed November 11
NO WOD this week!

Week of November 2
HW- wkbk pgs. 1,3,5 due Tuesday
        wkbk pgs. 7,9,11 due Thursday
        Tall Tale Rough Draft (including rubric and prewriting) due Wednesday
TESTS- pronoun quiz on Thursday
            WOD friday

Week of October 26
HW- Fictional Narrative Prewriting due Friday
        wkbk pgs. 1,3,5 due Tuesday 11/3
Test- WOD Friday

Week of October 19
Terra Nova week-  
Autobiographical Narrative due Wednesday October 21

Week of October 12
Wkbk ogs. 129,131,134- Monday
TESTS- Verb Usage quiz Monday
Verb Usage test Tuesday
WOD- friday

Week of October 5
HW- wkbk pg. 127- due Thursday
       -Autobiographical Narrative rough draft and rubric due on Wednesday
        -wkbk pgs. 129,131,134 due on Tuesday 10/13
Test- WOD- friday

Week of September 28
HW- wkbk pgs. 122, 124 due Tuesday
        wkbk pg. 126 due Thursday
TESTS- unannounced grammar quiz (or two)
            WOD- THURSDAY!!

Week of September 8
HW- wkbk pgs. 13,15 due tuesday 9/9
      - wkbk pgs. 17,19,21 due tuesday 9/11
Corrected Thank you notes due 9/10
TESTS- WOD friday
               verb test week of 9/14