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9 Days For Life Novena

National Geographic for Kids

Catholic Reference Website

This is a great site for doing Saint Reports.  It will get you 
started on 
the saint you have chosen.

Good Religion website

Use the link below to find the soldier from the Vietnam War that 
was assigned to you, (see the top of the worksheet).
Follow the directions on your worksheet and use the site to find 
out more about your soldier.

To Find Your Assigned Vietnam Soldier

Loads of practice activities and interactive maps for each 
For extra credit on tests, complete activities in the Interactive 
Review and
then print out a score card.  Don't forget to type in your name 
printing it out!

Good map practice.

Find all of your information and use this handy generator to make 
sure that you have the proper MLA format for your papers.
Citation Generator--Very Handy!!

This is a fun site to practice your geography, history, 
presidents,... Just about anything Social Studies related!!
Social Studies for Kids

Do you think Governor Kasich's job is easy?  See how you would do 
in the papers the day after YOU attempt to balance Ohio's budget.
You balance Ohio's budget!

Service hour forms can be found and printed here!
St. Matthew Religious Ed Website

American history fun facts and enrichment activities.

Go to the link and complete the webquest.  Your hardcopy is due 
November 22.  If you are going to go on break early be sure to 
complete the webquest and turn your paper in before you go.
WEBQUEST Chapter 3 - English Colonization of America

Current Events Digital Issue

The Negative Numbers Speedboat game is fun!
Math Review Games

I gave your student the password in class.
Confirmation 2014 Pictures from Shutterfly

Math 8 Homework Video Tutor - need Web Code for specific lesson listed in textbook

Math 8 and Algebra help