Here are some fun and helpful websites to practice what we are learning! 

This is a fun website to practice literacy skills for different levels of
readers. It has beginning  reading stories under the Learn to Read section and
more  challenging stories in the I'm Reading section. There are also some
educational games on this website. 
Starfall - Reading Practice

 This site has 3 major components: Flashcards, Games, and  Worksheets.If you
go to the Flashcards section, you can practice  using an analog clock, money,
rounding, making your own addition  and subtraction flashcards... The games
section includes: Hidden Pictures, Concentration and a  game called MATHO. 
A Plus Math - Math Practice

Oher Great Links

Online Dictionary -

Common Core Information -

Educational Games -

Math Facts-

For Fun - This is a website by kids for kids.  It features fun recipes.