2nd grade students will have homework Monday - Thursday.  The students are responsible for writing down their homework each morning in their assignment notebook, as well as keeping track of their homework papers.  Homework should not take more than 20 - 40 minutes to complete.  Homework is also a review of what we have done in school, so students should be able to complete it with minimal help.  Please check your child's work and assignment notebook to ensure they are getting their homework done.  Missing homework will result in a note sent home and be recorded.  If a student repeatedly misses homework without a valid excuse, consequences, such as missed recess, will ensue.

Weekly homework will include:

1.  Reading - Students should read at least 20 minutes a night.  Sometimes I will assign a reading, other times, you and your child can choose what to read.  Reading can also include time with parents reading to their children as well.

2.  Math - Math homework will be sent home in two forms, either Simple Solutions book, or a workbook page from our math text.  Both of these are considered review of concepts and are to be turned in for a grade the following day.

3.  Spelling - Students will have a week to complete their choice of activities in their spelling notebook.  Students must complete and turn in three activities by Friday.  If a child completes their spelling notebook before Friday, he or she is welcome to complete more activities, OR spend time studying the spelling words at home.  

*Note: Each week students will study a different spelling concept.  Spelling concepts will be sent home along with their spelling pre-test on Mondays.

Topics/Units We Are Currently Studying:

Math - Chapter 3 Basic Addition and Subtraction Facts and Relationships

Language Arts - Comprehension Strategies, The Writing Process, Daily 5 groups

Religion - Chapter 15 Jesus Gives Us The Eucharist

Social Studies - Chapter 4: Cultures Around The World