Talent Show Guidelines

This year grade level talent shows will take place in the music classroom.  The All-School Talent Show will be the only public talent show, to be selected from the classroom events.

Talent Show Guidelines:
(recent changes are in red)
  • Acts may be limited to 2 minutes or less depending on quantity.
  • Students are not required to perform, but may choose to help in other ways.  Not performing will not affect a student's grade.
  • Singers must sing without lead vocals.  Look for instrumental or karaoke tracks on youtube,  or iTunes.  For example, if you are singing "Let it Go," we should not hear the voice of Elsa, just your voice!
  • Acts may be combined to save time.
  • It is not necessary to provide Mr. Frazier with recorded music, unless there is something unique about your recording, such as a special cut for a dance.  Most songs are available on grooveshark or youtube and will be easy to obtain.
  • All acts must remain positive in nature.  Acts that poke fun or are entertaining at the expense of others will not be allowed. Political performances may not be allowed.
  • Songs must be appropriate.  Bad words are not the only thing that can make a song inappropriate, but sometimes content!  What is the song about?  If you are not sure if a song is appropriate, ask an adult.
  • Generally students will be limited to no more than 1 act.  Exceptions are rare and must be approved by Mr. Frazier.
  • The talent shows are NOT a competition, but an opportunity to have a positive performing experience in front of an audience.  Please bring family and friends!
  • Costume changes are only permitted for students who can accomplish them without adult help.  All students must return to regular uniforms following the talent show.  All costumes must be appropriate.  Students who perform regularily for dance may have to modify dance costumes
  • All students must rehearse at least one time in front of the class before being permitted to perform onstage.  (This rule may be waived in 6th - 8th grade with Mr. Frazier's permission)
  • Student-submitted videos may be presented only with approval from Mr. Frazier. Videos will always be some of the first acts in a talent show due to equipment needs.
  • At least 2 acts from each grade level will be selected to perform in the All-School Talent Show on June 6th.  Homeroom teachers will assist in making the selections.
  • There is much more than singing and dancing!  Students in the past have juggled, hula-hooped, done martial arts, shown sports skills, played instruments, and performed skits, just to name a few!  Be creative and have fun!