Recorder Karate

Audio for Practice
Username: karate, password: (ask me because I'm not allowed to post it)

Cool Music Apps

Quaver Music-sign up to compose music, play music games, and more!  If you are on a phone you will need the Puffin Browser (below) to use Quaver

Class code: 1Mal    4DD7UP
                    1Marth   8WM6YR

                    2A HFP9VF
                    2S 77HDJM

                    3R BLK389
                    3S REGB32

                    5K 8LPBET
                    5T  UMLVP4

                    6M G4DM9K
                    6N 5KU7T5
Puffin Browser-allows you to view and use Flash on your mobile device
Dustbuster-piano lesson game for iOS FREE
recordermaster-learn to play recorder through video games.  link to iPad app is on the page also
TuneTrain-ios basic composition game FREE
garageband-ios sound editing
Audacity-pc/mac app for recording and sound editing FREE
HOKOSAI-FREE audacity-like app for iOS
Multitrack DAW-costs $9.99, but easy-to-use audacity-like app for iOS (Mr. Frazier's preferred multitrack recording app)
Unrealbook-Great app for iOS that helps you organize your sheet music collection on your iPad $5.99

Upcoming Talent/Singing Competitions

Awesome OSU Marching Band Performance!