Drama Club 2019 Aladdin, Jr!

Friday, 4/5 2:30-5:30         Hutta Drama Dress Rehearsal Drama Club 6,7,8 Aladdin, Jr.
Tuesday, April 9 6:00 and 7:30         Hutta Drama Club Performance Drama Club 6,7,8 Aladdin, Jr.
Wednesday, April 10 6:00 and 7:30 Hutta Drama Club Performance Drama Club 6,7,8 Aladdin, Jr.

Audition Guidelines

We have chosen to have auditions a bit closer to the style of auditions commonly used in high schools and community theaters.  Because we have a large number of students, these auditions must be relatively quick.  

For students who are interested in a solo singing role:
Sing one minute or less from "Aladdin!," a broadway song, or Disney-type song.  No pop songs please!  You must be able to sing a cappella because accompaniment will not be available.
For students interested in a speaking part:

Prepare a monologue up to one minute that is similar to the part which interests you.

Many monologues can be found online.  Be sure your monologue is appropriate for your age, and similar to the character you would like to be.

You might consider using material from:


For students not interested in solo or speaking parts:
Be prepared to sing from the show-probably "Arabian Nights" or "A Whole New World"

Each student should bring an index card with the following information:

1. Name and class
2. Preferred roles, in order of preference (up to three)
3. Dance experience
4. Previous shows
5. Any other useful information

Some audition tips:  
  • You might consider asking a piano-player (student) to play your first pitch just before your audition.
  • Try not to apologize, it can show a lack of confidence, which is opposite what you want to present..  Apologies include "I have a cold," or "I usually sound better."
  • Try to act and be the character even when you are singing.
  • Choose a song that best shows your singing ability. It does not have to be from this show.
  • You will be able to audition multiple times for different directors. Don't worry if the first one doesn't go as well as you hoped.
  • Try practicing in front of a mirror or family members or friends.

Tentative Schedule (Crew only needs to come on dates marked "Cast and Crew"  They may optionally come to any rehearsal they would like.)

Thu, 1/10 2:30-4 Auditions

Fri, 1/11 2:30-3:30 Callbacks if needed

Mon, 1/14 2:30-4 First Readthrough (Cast and Crew)

Thu, 1/17 2:30-4 music/choreography (Cast and possibly Crew)

Mon, 1/21 No School MLK Day No Drama Club

Thu, 1/24 2:30-4 music/choreography

Mon, 1/28 2:30-4 Block first half/choreography

Thu, 1/31 2:30-4 Block second half/choreography

Mon, 2/1 2:30-4 Blocking catchup/choreography we will finish at 4 as usual

Wed 2/6 2:30-4:00. Beta students will join us at 3:15 

Thu, 2/7 no rehearsal conf. night

Mon, 2/11  2:30-4:30. Beta joins at 3:15

Wed, 2/13 2:30-4:00.  Beta joins at 3:15

Thu, 2/14 short rehearsal 2:30-3:15 (Beta Convention means some students will be missing)

Mon, 2/18 No School President’s Day No Drama Club

Wed, 2/20 2:30-3:30 catching up

Thu, 2/21 2:30-4 Second half on book

Mon, 2/25 2:30-4  Second half on book  (cast and crew)

Thu, 2/28 2:30-4 First half off book

Mon, 3/4 2:30-4 First half off book 

Thu, 3/7 2:30-4 Second half off book

Mon, 3/11 2:30-4 Second half off book

Thu, 3/14 2:30-4 Full run-through (Cast and Crew)

Mon, 3/18 2:30-4 Full run-through (Cast and Crew)

Thu, 3/21 2:30-4 Full Tech (Cast and Crew)

March 25-29 Spring Break (Cast and Crew)

Mon 4/1 2:30-4 Drama Club Full Tech (Cast and Crew)

Thu, 4/4 2:30-5:30  Drama Club Dress Rehearsal (Cast and Crew)

Friday, 4/5 2:30-5:30          Cancelled due to Honor Choir/Fish Fry

Tuesday, April 9 6:00 and 7:30         Hutta  Drama Club Performance (Cast and Crew)

Wednesday, April 10 6:00 and 7:30 Hutta Drama Club Performance (Cast and Crew)

Program Shout Outs:  A reminder that messages are available for the program for $3 each or two for $5.  Please send them with payment to St. Matthew 

 We are looking for immediate help for the performance night. We need at least two parents t to help collect and monitor admissions donations and candy grams. Here are what the jobs would entail:
1. Arrive fifteen minutes BEFORE the students (approximately 5:15pm) to prepare the donations table at the entrance.

2. Admissions Donations - one parent will set out and monitor donations for admission to the show. Once the show begins, you will bring all collected monies to one of the Drama club teachers. Any help you can give is much appreciated!

3. Candy Grams - one parent will set out and be in charge of selling and collecting candy grams. Candy grams are $1.00 notes attached to a piece of candy that friends and family can purchase for the performers. We will collect the candy grams and money donations and then hand out the candy grams to the students after the show. This parent would also be responsible for purchasing the candy to be used for the candy grams and with a receipt, will be reimbursed by drama club. However, if you are available to help sell the candy grams but unable to purchase candy, we would still like your help and will take care of the candy ourselves. If possible, we would like the same parent to help both nights, but any help you can give is much appreciated. Once the show starts, you can return the candy grams, extra candy, and money donations to one of the Drama club teachers.
*Please note that both of these responsibilities will be done by the time the show starts and you will still be able to enjoy the show.