Music Class Discipline Plan

Music Rules 2011 from MNN on Vimeo.

Music is a highly participatory class, and involves movement, singing, clapping, chanting, instrument playing, and any number of activities from every student in the room.  Through games and activities students will acquire a repertoire of songs and chants from which content is being learned and internalized.  Due to the active nature of the class, discipline problems tend to be few and far between.  When they do occur, here is the procedure that is followed:

In addition to the student code of conduct, the posted rules in the music classroom are (in no particular order):
  • Raise your hand
  • Hands and feet to yourself
  • Stay in your seat
  • Do your best
 Each student has a classroom number, used in the regular classroom and also in music. (1-35) If a student is especially disruptive or not following the rules, he or she is asked to move his/her clip.  (a numbered clothespin)  The clips are all found on green at the beginning of every class, on a circular chart that includes the colors of green, black, yellow, blue, and red.

Good On Green
If a student's clip is on green, then that student has been doing everything he or she is supposed to do, and is having a great day in music!  Occasionally, students who remain on green may receive a small reward, such as a privilege or a sticker.

If a student has moved his/her clip to black, it means that one rule has been broken or that student has been disruptive once.  This only means that the student has been warned and there is to be no further consequence, if everything else goes fine.

Yellow-Loss of 1/2 recess
If a student has had to move his/her clip a second time, he/she will stand on the wall for 1/2 of the recess period.  Note-the yellow space does not apply to 6th-8th grades.

Blue-Teacher's Choice-lose recess/lunch timeout/lunch detention/contact parents
If a student has had to move his/her clip beyond yellow, it is moved to blue. This student will lose a whole recess period or Mr. Frazier will contact his/her parents, at Mr. Frazier's discretion, or both.  Students rarely reach the blue space, and parent contact is generally reserved for repeat offenders.  Some students may receive a lunch detention or lunch timeout (can't sit with friends at lunch) rather than simply missing recess.

Red-After School Detention
Red is used only in extremely rare cases.  I can only think of one or two times a student has reached this point.  If a student has had to move a clip to red, he/she serves an after-school detention on the following Wednesday.

A few observations:  I always tell the students that if they move their clip, don't expect to have a chance to move it back.  The warning space gives them a fair chance to correct their behavior, which I always try to be clear about.  ("Ralphie, remember you are supposed to keep your hands to yourself, you need to move your clip to black and stop poking Susie.")

I also reserve the right to skip a color for severe infractions or repeat offenders.

The good news here is that many classes will end many days with most or all of the students on green.  Students seem to enjoy music class, and I certainly enjoy teaching them!  This is the best job I could ever hope for!  Thank you for sending your students to St. Matthew!