Miss Byrnes Kindergarten Class

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Buzz Binders
What's the buzz in our classroom?  Find out everything you need to help your child succeed in Kindergarten in his/her Buzz Binder.  It contains your child's homework, important notes, Kindergarten curriculum resources, and more!  Anything you wish were in there but don't see?  Let me know!

Classroom Rules
1.) We will fill others' buckets by being kind.
2.) We will make safe choices.
3.) We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
3.) We will follow directions the first time.
5.) We will raise our hands to ask questions or share ideas.

We have 22 students in our classroom.  Your child may bring a special, simple birthday treat to share with the class.  If you are sending in a treat, please make sure there are enough treats for all students!  

Weekend birthdays will be celebrated on the Friday before your child's birthday!

Summer birthdays will be celebrated on your child's half birthday.  Please keep the Summer Birthday Note in a place to remind yourself of when to send in a treat!

If your child would like to have a birthday party outside of the classroom, I would be happy to put invitations in binders to send to all students.  However, please be sure there are enough to invite all the girls (7), all the boys (15), or all students in the class (22).